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Silent Party Headphones

Are you ready to party in a whole new way? A Silent Party can be used in many different ways. Ranging from a high-tech party, to an alternative listening experience for people who are hard of hearing. We think any reason is a good reason for a silent party, and if we can help make your idea come true, we'd love to help.

Enjoy the quiet or join the fun

  • High Quality Sound
    Never miss a beat with our state-of-the-art headphones that pair perfectly to our DJ's sound system.
  • Clean & Sanitary
    Each pair of headphones is carefully cleaned and sanitized with professional grade cleaning supplies after every use.
  • Long Range
    The headphones have a receiving distance up to 150~200 meters. The transmitter works up to 500m distance. So party-goers can enjoy the music anywhere in the range.
  • Same Party, Different Music
    Your guests can enjoy two different sets of music being played at the same time.

Let's start talking about what you have in mind.

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  • DJ Services
    The perfect DJ and sound equipment.
  • Photo Booths
    Let your personality shine in the booth.
  • Karaoke
    Host a party or add to any event.

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